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1520: TAU = 10.8, 5/9/2024 (53:57)
From: Snap Judgment

When twin rovers named Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars twenty years ago, they were only supposed to last 90 Martian days. But years passed, they were still alive, and ...
Caption: Nuts and Bolts, Credit: Seth Shostak

Nuts and Bolts (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

How frequently do you think about fasteners like screws and bolts? Probably not very often. But some of them a storied history, dating back to Egypt in the 3rd century BC. ...
Caption: End of Eternity, Credit: Seth Shostak

End of Eternity (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Nothing lasts forever. Even the universe has several possible endings. Will there be a dramatic Big Rip or a Big Chill¬ – also known as the heat death of the universe – in ...
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In Living Color (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

The world is a colorful place, and human eyes have evolved to take it in – from vermillion red to bright tangerine to cobalt blue. But when we do, are you and I seeing the ...
Caption: Measure For Measure, Credit: Seth Shostak

Measure For Measure (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Whether in miles or pounds, meters or kilograms, we take daily measure out our lives. But how did these units ever come to be, and why do we want to change them? From ...
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Buscando Asilo (24:56)
From: Brooklyn Public Library

Este episodio es sobre los solicitantes de asilo en la ciudad de Nueva York. Estamos compartiendo estas narrativas personales con la esperanza de que escucharlas devuelva la ...
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Running (01:40)
From: Chris Vadnais

Sometimes everyone feels the need to get away.