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Comment for "Radiolab, Show 202: Musical Language"

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Review of Radio Lab, Show 202: Musical Language

I can't begin to describe how fascinated I was by this program. A lot has been said about the sound-rich qualities of Radio Lab's productions, and all of that is certainly true. Truth be told, I found this a bit off-putting, initially. What reeled me in was the rapport between Abumrad and Krulwich, which I found totally fascinating and delightful. They have an electric chemistry, and it contributes to a tone that's almost feisty. I found that this quality allowed me to appreciate more the sometimes-showy sound, in that it brought the show out of the realm of high art and made it relatable. And the subjects are fascinating. I'll be singing that snippet of speach for months to come.

Comment for "Jonathan Coulton's Music Business"

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Review of Jonathan Coulton's Music Business

The host maintains a really engaging and interesting tone -- one that matches Coulton's quite well. It's an interesting subject, though the formatting might well be reconsidered. Perhaps it's was originally a live or as-live broadcast? In any event, an entertaining segment with music from a very funny artist.

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Review of How to Observe Presidents' Day, Observed

Public radio should be happy to have a talent like John Hodgman in our midst. This is a fascinating program that would work particularly well in the evening -- the sort of place you probably started This American Life. Young, hip, literate listeners will be drawn to this like moths to a flame.

Comment for "The (Classic) Sound of Young America Holiday Special" (deleted)

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Review of The (Classic) Sound of Young America Holiday Special (deleted)

I liked it a lot, but then again, I made the darn thing.

The program indeed contains a variety of tones -- it is one of our core beliefs that humor and thoughtfulness are never mutually exclusive. Towards that end, we're not afraid to joke around with guests, or to ask them serious questions.

Another of our goals is to give public radio a bit of, well, coolness. It's not poisonous, nor, again, is it exclusive of good radio.

Music includes Monty Python, The Darkness, Tom Lehrer, and Oscar the Grouch.