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Shotgun House Preservation (03:43)
From: Louisville Public Media

An effort is underway in Louisville, Kentucky to preserve the city's iconic shotgun houses. Rick Howlett reports.
Caption: Wild Turkey's Jimmy Russell, Credit: Rick Howlett

Kentucky Bourbon Gains Wider Appeal (03:21)
From: Louisville Public Media

Kentucky's signature distilled spirit--bourbon--is surging in popularity in the U.S. and abroad.
Caption: Mary Todd Lincoln , Credit: www.mrlincolnswhitehouse.org

Exhibit Recalls Troubled Times of Mary Todd Lincoln (03:42)
From: Louisville Public Media

A new exhibit at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Kentucky includes the first-ever public display of documents it purchased regarding the involuntary commitment of ...
Caption: Monument at Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site

Kentucky Exhibits Mark Civil War Sequicentennial (03:50)
From: Louisville Public Media

Two historical exhibits now open in Louisville, Kentucky explore the state's unique position as a Civil War border state.