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Comment for "It's Not About That"

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Review of It's Not About That

The narrator seems incredibly wise for here years. How grounded she appears takes some of us lifetimes to achieve. this self-assurance, honest and down-to -earth attitude shines brightly through this piece.

I like that she interviewed a man that was different than her own perspective. This shows me she wasn't trying to persuade any listener but just show the reality she is confronted with. Also show that she has an understanding of people and holds no judgement. Very thoughtful piece and informative to those that do not experience this first hand.

The writing is excellent.

Comment for "Accepting Me"

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Review of Accepting Me

The production of this piece is spectacular. The music and transitions are almost seamless and also paints a picture of what kind of guy the narrator is. I hear/see someone fun, up-beat, with a big heart solely from the music. Then come the words......he is fearless with his hinesty and self-assurance comes through strongly. I like the organization of the piece. He uses several different voices to describe the reactions received before and after coming out. This piece could be inspiring to many other teens facing the same issues of sexuality. It feels very light to me, very bright and optimistic.

The length is perfect and the varying music, voices and conversation topics are at a length that keeps a listener engaged. well done!

Comment for "Why We Wear Baggy Pants"

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Review of Why We Wear Baggy Pants

Very fun piece. A simple topic, yet at the same time has become an "issue" for many schools.

The variety of voices was great, and the tempo at which they changed matched well with the music. Though I loved the song, the levels at times were just a bit too high and some of the fades seemed choppy. Im unsure why the music played for as long as it did at the end but i think it couldve faded out sooner if there was no more dialogue to hear.

Good Job!

Comment for "The Link: Education & Incarceration"

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Review of The Link: Education & Incarceration

This piece was well done and the title is what initially caught my eye. It can be difficult to deliver a serious message in audio form, keeping a listener engaged all the while trying to deliver important information they will remember. I feel its important to think and hear about these issues and if a piece is well done it greatly benefits the media landscape. So, after listening to this, I'm pleased to say, I thought it was well done!

It is obvious that a good amount of time went into the research and writing of the piece. I felt that my questions were being answered as it moved along. The interweaving of narrative and interviews was a good tactic to keep me focused however, after a while it began to seem just a little choppy. Perhaps the narrative segments could've been a bit longer. The sentence or two served as a good segue but I think some more could have worked. Or another option would be to vary between short and long narratives.

I think the sound quality was great. The levels seemed to stay at an even keel and the background music worked well. Also, the natural/ambient sounds of a gym and/or basketball game was also nicely done.

Great Job!

Comment for "Running from Myself"

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Review of Running from Myself

Outstanding! Part of what draws a listener in is the ability to connect with the voice we hear. and though I may not relate to the specifics of Louis' story,...i connect with the vulnerability. To be able to share something difficult with complete honesty isn't an easy task. He allows us to come along with him on his journey. I have heard stories before of people overcoming hardships or changing their ways, but usually it's coupled with a large focus on influencing others to follow in their footsteps. And though that can be a positive thing, I think the real Honesty of Louis piece comes from him trying to just make it for himself. He doesn't try to produce an advertisement for change or a PSA for anit-violence. He tells us a story,....HIS story.

I enjoyed the different perspectives. I think he chose them well, from a best friend to a professional along with his own internal dialogue. It gives different vantage points of the situation which is good to establish an understanding of the story.

I could go on and on....but the main point is I think this should definitely be aired on NPR!

Comment for "Alcohol investigators catch 'em in the act"

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Review of Alcohol investigators catch 'em in the act

I had no idea how much underage alcohol and tobacco use COST a state!

Noah did a very good job at showing what it is like on the other side-the side that wants to stop and prevent these addictive behaviors. I am a firm believer that both sides of an issue should be accurately displayed before a complete understanding can occur. "Alcohol investigators..." does a great job in providing a thorough view of the side less heard about among today's youth.

I thought the production was smooth, sound quality excellent and the writing was great! I think this could be wonderful as part of a investigative series.

Comment for "Short Wave: Dealing With Loss"

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Review of Dealing With Loss

Death is an issue we all have to deal with at some point in our lives. Yet, knowing this doesn't make it any easier to handle or understand.

"Dealing with Loss" is a journey into the questions a teenage girl asks about life and the loss of. The writing of this piece is very good. Her descriptions bring us in- allowing the listener to see and feel what she does. Alternating between personal contemplation and the voices of those that she has sought for support.

I must say again, I was impressed with the writing, ...its part storytelling, part internal dialogue and part interviews and conversation. The layering effect of voices is simply done and works well. I enjoy pieces that make me stop and reflect and THIS does that. Without visuals to woo, audio work really has to work hard to maintain a listener's attention. i believe the writer did an outstanding job on this.

Improvements? just a few things I noticed. the narrative sounds like it is being read rather than spoke, I would try to make it a little more conversational as if talking to a friend. There are a couple production areas that could be a little tighter and a litlle smoother fades- some cleaning up. Basically minimal fine tuning and another voice over would make this perfect.

thanks for sharing this!

Comment for "School Security"

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Review of School Security

Very important subject during the present time. It is obvious a lot of research and thought went into this project. A lot of angles and perspectives on school safety were given. I like that the opinions were from a wide spectrum of people, from students at the school discussed as well as from other New York high schools, teachers, parents, etc. It keeps the perspective balanced.

The linear organization was wonderful! Each sub-topic smoothly meshed into the next, this keeps the listener engaged. I may have shortened some of the responses on the final production to keep the momentum going. Making the responses tighter and perhaps shorter narrative interjections. I think if it could be shaved down to 8-9 minutes it would work really well on NPR.

I like the narration and how it guides the listener's thought process. The only thing to practice would be to sound more conversational and less like reading a script.

Overall, this is a very good piece and an excellent choice of topic.

Comment for "Letter to My Mom: You Haven't Lost Me"

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Review of Letter to My Mom: You Haven't Lost Me

A way with words....AND sound. This piece creates a strong visual both through the narrative as well as the fantastic natural sounds in the back. The memories that are told are the kinds that listeners can easily relate to, hence easily taken back to our own childhood. Yet, her descriptions are so specific that the ownership is still her own.

It also leaves you in limbo a little...why doesn't the mother and daughter spend time or talk anymore? I think it is great that she never lets us know why. It allows our own imagination to fill in the blanks.

The pacing was perfect and the sound intervals were done very well. I think every mother that hears this will be touched.

If I had to change something, I may shave off the last 2 or 3 seconds of nat sound at the end. but that is all.

Very nice.

Comment for "What Have the Democrats Done to My Family? (3:18)"

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Review of What Have the Democrats Done to My Family?

...eerily close to my own family phone conversations.

I like the interweaving of narration and real phone conversation, keeps listener engaged. this has enough intimate details to show family connection without straying too far away from the theme(debate)

Dave is a Hillary fan right? :)

Comment for "If I could talk to a presidential candidate"

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Review of If I could talk to a presidential candidate

A clear message. This piece is brief and gets right to the heart of what needs to be said. An honest look at the connection, or lack thereof , between Alaska and the presidential race. He shows we are one nation but - divided we stand. At the same time he reminds us that these issues are not so black and white to be defined by a state line. Conflict of interest also lives among those that call Alaska home.
Overall the clarity of his message shows a maturity that may surprise his elders and his questions show an intention to represent his peers. No fuss or muss with production- simple and well done.

Comment for "Does Love Make You Crazy"

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Review of Does Love Make You Crazy

LOVE! A feeling and a place we all experience. The Music and lead-in to this piece is an attention grabber that immediately shows we all can relate. DOES love make us crazy? The answers to this question come from voices that span generational as well as personal views. This allows different perspectives to come forth. And from these replies a mixture of humor and contemplation is displayed. After listening to the entirety of the piece, I felt that the overall theme was more about WHAT love is rather than the side effect of ?feeling crazy?. The latter half had beautiful words of wisdom, which I feel took main stage and gave this piece the definition of WHAT love is. Yet, may have been a bit too long coming from one voice. I think it could either be divided into 2 segments or slimmed down to a shorter version once the focus is tweaked to be a bit more clear. Overall, a lovely look at a common theme.