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Comment for "The Kindness of Strangers"

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Great Piece!

This left me feeling warm, and like I need to do more. Sometimes when I'm in the drive through at a fast food place, I do pay for the food for the car behind me, but that is about it for my random kindnesses. I think you did a really great job with this!

Comment for "Moon Graffiti"

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You captured perfectly both the profound isolation and utter hopelessness. I was in tears at the end, and I'm guessing the image of the two men spending eternity watching the earth rise and set will be burned into my mind for quite a while.

Keep up the great work!


Comment for ""The Agreement""

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Review of "The Agreement"

What a great piece. I grew up hearing lots of odd war stories, but never one quite like this. First rate, short, and funny. The narrative easily lets you imagine yourself right there, along for the "mission".

Comment for "Happy 40th Bday. Now it's time for your colonoscopy"

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Review of Happy 40th Bday. Now it's time for your colonoscopy

This is a very funny and helpful piece. It's short and to the point, much like the procedure it describes. I'm only 30 and not quite ready to undergo this but it seems it would ease the mind of anyone who is about to.

Comment for "Anywhere But Now"

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Review of Anywhere But Now

This is a wonderful piece, captivating and very funny. I think a lot of us, artistic and not, feel lost often, and drawn to somewhere far away. This could be a physical place as this piece describes or a state of mind. The 15 Min. of the piece fly by, you're pulled from moment to moment like a kid on roller skates holding on to someone riding a bicycle.

This is a great piece, with excellent storytelling and imagery

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Review of Katrina Kitsch

This is a really great piece, funny and on point. it does have a lot of swearing, If it goes to radio, it'll have more bleeps than R2D2, but it would be well worth it to get it out there.

Comment for "Carol's Pub on the Chicago Smoking Ban"

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Review of Carol's Pub on the Chicago Smoking Ban

Nice piece.