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Comment for "Different Worlds - Moving From NY to San Fran"

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Review of Moving From NY to San Fran

Interesting piece--good acts and tracks. I wanted to hear more comment about the differences between east coast/west coast mentalities. Thank goodness the narrator mentions (close to the end) that there is, in fact, a whole country of "other" places to live besides NY or San Fran.

This story would be perfect for the obvisous KQED or WNYC, but also other stations as well. Those of us who live in the vast "in between" are still acquaintened with the east vs. west quandry.

Comment for "The Most German Day Ever"

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Review of The Most German Day Ever

This story reminded me of when I participated in a race in Munich called "Sauf und Lauf", or "Drink and Run", in which contestants race around a track while charged with finishing an entire case of beer between 2 partners. I miss living in Germany a great deal and this story really tapping into those nostalgic feelings. For all the stereotypes that get pinned to the Germans, they are nothing if not fun-loving yet extremely earnest.

Production-wise, I am sorry, but the extremely rough recordings started to bother me. I could have let it go to highlight an act hear and there but to carry a 13 minute story it was a stretch.

Furthermore, the producer did a masterful job narrating the piece, but I wonder if he could have hit all of the important story elements and bits of fun "German-ness" while shorting the whole thing maybe 3-4 minutes.

A fun and informative piece none-the-less


Comment for "No Email from Oaxaca"

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Review of Change

I really like the personal commentary in this piece. I think the producer makes some valid points (Selling nick-nacks via FedEx) and tells a good narrative.

Somehwere along the 4 or so minutes however it just seems to go a little flat, and then ends with no real point being made. Also the hushed tones and dreamy music don't help it in my opinion.

I would like to hear this on the radio in a slightly version.

Comment for "Pop Vultures #3: Weezer & Selling Out To The Man" (deleted)

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Review of Pop Vultures #3: Weezer (deleted)

Oh my god...the perfect radio show has been born!! Is this possible, do my ears decieve me? A show about pop music? T-Rex to P-Funk, Britney Spears to the Clash and everything in between. Solid Gold.

The Weezer/Sheryl Crow episode was great! I found myself smiling almost the whole time. It was just like how me and my friends talk when we sit around and talk about bands, singers, wankers, records...

This show is smart, witty, SOUND RICH, the only thing I fear is that most of the public radio audience is still way too entrenched in the watered down, 1980's, world-music/classical vibe for anything this hip.

Comment for "One Last Haircut"

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Review of One Last Haircut

Man, what a great bit. Storytelling at it's best. This piece could be a great closer for a variety of shows. Great clipper sounds and simple straight-forward narrative--one your listeners are sure to enjoy.

Comment for "Duane Jarvis' "Delicious""

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Review of Duane Jarvis' "Delicious"

Very Nice--Straightforward. I like the fact Steven lets the record spin almost throughout the entire piece(s). The segments I listened to (I and II) worked particularly well with just Duanes' narration. It seemed to provide a nice back and forth between the acts and tracks. The only thing that I felt was kind of distracting was the echo on Duanes voice. He must have been recorded in a very big room.

Comment for "My Family Tis of Thee"

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Review of My Family Tis of Thee

Good Commentary. Gwen puts her frustrations into terms that most of us can relate to--rather then the tradional "Us and them" used in political banter. This piece would make a nice closer.