Alan Weisman

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  • Senior Producer
  • Role: Producer Group Staff

Recent Pieces from Alan Weisman

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It's Showtime - Program for March 10, 2012 (57:51)
From: Alan Field

A hour devoted to show music from cast recordings and soundtracks. Up to date and specific to each Saturday
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Homelands Regained (16:39)
From: Homelands Productions

The Paez Indians of Colombia resort to insurrection to reclaim ancestral lands from wealthy families in the 1990s.
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Competing for Souls (07:00)
From: Homelands Productions

Producer Alan Weisman reports on how evangelical Christianity is spreading rapidly across South Korea, and coming into conflict with the traditional Buddhist culture.
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Chiloe: A Bridge Too Far? (13:35)
From: Homelands Productions

Chile's government is proposing to build the longest bridge in Latin America to connect the island of Chiloe to the mainland. But as Alan Weisman reports, islanders aren't ...