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"My Name Is Ryan" is very personal. It focuses on the real problem of debilitating addiction, be it smoking, drinking, illegal substances, or anything else you could possibly think of. Ryan tells us of his journey through the streets and his life as a addict. For him to tell all of us that he hit rock bottom, yet still have the optimism a person needs to survive, is amazing. His choice of music enhances the mood of his addiction. It fades in and out and emphasizes the important points of his addiction. The act that really sticks out to me is when he said that he started smoking marijuana not expecting anything bad to come, but he was wrong. In the end he said that he believes life is what you make it, and he re-lives his philosophy day and day again. This piece needs to be heard by everyone, be him an addict, so they are reassured that there life is not over and they still have a chance to be re-born, or a person with out any problems. This piece is expiring and motivating. It allows a person to see how ig of an issue addiction really is.