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Comment for "Quién Soy?"

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Review of Quien Soy?

Well this is a very good piece. I love the idea of how you're not from here or there. Your story is interesting and your audio mixes are good in the beginning between the Mexican anthem and the U.S. anthem. I would just recommend you don't speak so close your your mic or what not, because we can hear a lot of popping in your words. Also some fades need to be fixed but overall it's great! Im born here but I can totally relate! Keep up the good work! =]

Comment for "My Criminal Life"

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Review of My Criminal Life

A powerful piece that gives us insight into how a 19 year old young man feels to be in prison. The juxtaposition of what he feels and his mother feels is very moving. The choices of audio effects and overlapping voices really serve to help us understand his hardships and lead us to sympathize with him, or all men who have been jailed for making the wrong choices in life.