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Comment for "How Many Times Do I Have to Say Good-Bye"

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Review of How Many Times Do I Have to Say Good-Bye

I have always had my father in my life and to hear someone else's story about there father not being there is touching. I know several young girls whose father's are not there but I never knew how they felt about it. So listening to Carnen talk about her dad makes me so happy that I have mine in my life. She really showed me how important it is for your father to be there.

Comment for "Slip of the Tongue"

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Review of Slip of the Tongue

I enjoyed listening to the poet. He really moved me by saying that girls emphasize so much on glamour because they think they are not beautiful enough. So they put on make up to cover up how they really feel. Alot of girls should really listen to this piece because it uplifts all girls to know they're beautiful inside and out.