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Caption: Barry Harris, Billy Higgins

JazzStories: Barry Harris and Billy Higgins – The Majesty of Tap (10:44)
From: Murray Street Productions

In the 40s, jazzmen came of age on the stages of dance halls. Pianist Barry Harris and drummer Billy Higgins capture the view from those stages.
Caption: Bob Brozman's "Helo Central Give me Doctor Jazz", Credit: Rounder Records 1985

The Vinyl Countdown -- album #310: Bob Brozman (11:57)
From: Alexa Lim

Alexa and MLM discus the enchanting sounds of this ethnomusicologist, who’s soothing sounds of the islands blend with jazz, blues and steel guitars to produce a sound unlike ...
Caption: Jim Bartow's "An American Poets Song Book" 1975, Credit: Blues Blood

The Vinyl Countdown -- album #132: Jim Bartow (08:49)
From: Alexa Lim

Jim Bartow a man with a stunning voice, a powerful inflection, a precise execution and almost totally unknown.
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The Vinyl Countdown -- album #9: Roy Acuff (14:12)
From: Alexa Lim

How heat stroke turned a young baseball player into one of the legends of country music.
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The Vinyl Countdown -- album #115: LaVern Baker (06:02)
From: Alexa Lim

The Vinyl Countdown is a journey through a vinyl collection that spans 4,000 albums and would stand over 40 feet tall. It is our goal to listen to every album, in it’s ...
Caption: Dianne Reeves

JazzStories: Dianne Reeves (06:18)
From: Murray Street Productions

"I don't ever want you to open for me again" said Sarah Vaughan. The diva was paying her a compliment, but the modest Dianne Reeves didn't' know that.
Caption: Sam Rivers, Credit: Frank Stewart

JazzStories: Sam Rivers – Reedman, pianist, composer (09:23)
From: Murray Street Productions

Sam Rivers has sounded his horn across six decades of jazz with Miles Davis, Cecil Taylor, and Dizzy Gillespie. Producer David Goren brings us an intimate portrait of Sam ...
Caption: James Moody, Credit: Frank Stewart

JazzStories: James Moody's Mood for Love (08:15)
From: Murray Street Productions

"Moody's Mood for Love" is one of the most memorable and recognizable solos in jazz history. But for James Moody, the song contains a bigger history.
Caption: Randy Weston , Credit: Frank Stewart

JazzStories: Randy Weston — From Brooklyn to the Berkshires and Back (12:57)
From: Murray Street Productions

Pianist Randy Weston has seen a lot people and places in his life. Born in Brooklyn in 1926 and served in the US Army during World War II. But it was jazz that exposed him ...