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Comment for "Packrats Hooked on Freecycling"

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Review of Packrats Hooked on Freecycling

This is a solid story told in a fun, very light hearted way. The reporter has good writing, decent delivery and makes good use of some natural sound.

Two minor quibbles:

IMO, what would have made this story really jump out would have been to put the nat sound of the actual freecycle transaction at the beginning of the story, then go back and tell us how we got to that point.

Also, hearing the reporter's doubts about freecycling, and byte with an outside expert, almost made this a business story that you'd hear on Marketplace. Nothing's wrong with that, I'm just not sure it's ultimately the right angle for what up until this point is a soft feature.

Comment for "Thief"

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Review of Thief

Of all the pre-drive WCAI/WNAN spots, I like this one the best. It literally made me and our news director laugh out loud!

Good production values. Short, simple message that gets right to the point. Highly effective.

Comment for "Action Figure"

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Review of Action Figure

Great spot. One minor quibble -- it would have been even more effective if the kid had said "thank-you gift" rather than "premium". IMO, the word "premium" is a bit too insider.