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Comment for "The Rise of the Staycation"

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Review of The Rise of the Staycation

Good story idea. Raw execution. All the right instincts are there.

I loved the audio from the commercial and reading of the print ad. I would've liked to hear from a tourism official about why the Staycation campaign now. I think that could've been a playful little two way.

I enjoyed Libby's voice. It was young and real. She's got a future in this business if she wants it.

But there are times when this piece drags a bit. For something lighthearted with few sound bites it could have been a bit shorter. 5:30's a stretch: tighten it up, maybe drop the VOXPOP, and it's a four or five star piece.

Keep up the good work!

Comment for "MPR News: The Youngest Delegate" (deleted)

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Review of MPR News: The Youngest Delegate (deleted)

Solid daily news piece, and timely with the Democratic convention ongoing. That kid sounds younger much younger than 17.

Good writing and conversational voice.

Davis better get over asking for money if he wants to be a career politician!

Comment for "Global Warming Rap"

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Review of Global Warming Rap

I enjoyed this Global Warming montage. Hip hop-like commentary and MOS are interspersed with a catchy bass line. My only quibble is the sudden street sounds behind the MOS. The background street noise should run low under the music just before you jump into the comments. This, of course, is one of the challenging aspects of editing MOS, because we usually get interviews on the street--hence Man On Street. Overall: nice work, it held me to the end.

Comment for "How Are You Who You Are?"

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Review of How Are You Who You Are?

Bravo. This is a moving, well written, and nicely voiced story. The music is perfectly placed: not overpowering and always appropriate. I was brought to tears by the genuine love Doug's wife holds for him--even when he's essentially no longer himself. Her unrequited love is tragic. Keep up the good work.