Comments by Jeffrey Manson

Comment for "Ferguson and Beyond: A Community Conversation"

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Additional carriage info

KWMR aired Hour 2 on Friday september12, 12-1 pm Pacific. And again on Monday September 15, 9-10 am Pacific.

Thank you so much for making this program available.

Lyons Filmer

Comment for "Music from the Far East: Huong Thanh from Vietnam and Sambasunda from Indonesia"

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Listener called about the show

A woman who has never called our station before, rang up wanting details of who the performers are. Very enthusiastic!

Comment for "American Routes show #12-26 Woody Guthrie Special"

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Listeners Loved It — buy a copy?

KWMR thanks you folks at American Routes for making the Woody Guthrie special available to those of us who are not your subscribers. I've had three thrilled listeners (we usually only hear about our locally-produced shows), including one who'd like to buy a copy of it. Is that possible?
Lyons Filmer
KWMR Program Director

Comment for "Humankind: American Resilience"

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"Humankind" Rocks

I have the highest opinion of David Freudberg's series "Humankind." KWMR's budget doesn't allow us to carry it, so any time David offers a special, I grab it without thinking twice!

Lyons Filmer
Program Director, KWMR