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Here is the key to public radio's future: music and information commercial radio won't touch, but that echoes in the brain of the pubradio demographic.

Staid stations in a Classical rut won't -- shouldn't -- find this useful...but the rest of us with AAA, jazz, eclectic, or other slightly more hip formats can energize our airwaves with a truly different audio treat for our listeners. Anna Dickson takes us on a retrospective tribute to the raw, gritty, loud, sometimes abrasive music of protopunk and punk -- music that somehow seems a tad tamer (and, thus, more accessible to the pubradio listener) than in our Mohawk-topped, mosh-pitted youth. But it's music that's instantly recognizable, and undeniably holds a major influence on today's rock, both straight and alt.

Anna's narrative and delivery uniquely and perfectly match the music she uses to exemplify her historical points.

This is the perfect hour for any program director looking for a way to revitalize his/her airwaves, to energize them, give them a little life this Memorial Day weekend.