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Recent Pieces from Eric Wayne (NAM)

Caption: Dr. Dava Newman, Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

39: Dr. Dava Newman, Deputy Administrator of NASA & Write On Campaign founders Sabrina Moyle and ... (53:58)
From: KALW

Dr. Dava Newman, the Deputy Administrator of NASA has a goal to usher in the next mission to Mars. Will this next mission be one giant step for women... And a giant leap for ...
Caption: Sarah Silverman

20: Challenging Assumptions: With Sarah Silverman and Catherine Hardwicke (52:59)
From: KALW

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman, and Director Catherine Hardwicke have each made a career of challenging assumptions--from what a female comedian can talk about on ...
Caption: Kristin Richmond & Kirsten Tobey, Revolution Foods

2: Kirsten Tobey & Kristin Richmond, Revolution Foods; Alex Bernadotte, Beyond12: Hot Food and Hi... (53:58)
From: KALW

How good food and good data improves student success. The female founders of Revolution Foods and Beyond 12.