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Would that Jay Harris's reverence for the American Songbook were universal. There is so much depth to each of these songs, and Harris's sensitivity to that depth is refreshing. Half an hour devoted to just one song--that the kind of attention span I miss!

I've heard Chet Baker's version of "But Not For Me" so many times that I know it a nanosecond in; to hear it followed by Ahmad Jamal, Miles Davis, and MJQ is such a delight. It gets me out of my Chet Baker rut without taking my beloved song away. What a great tune. And what feller hasn't felt this way--out of his league and off the rails.

"With Love to Lead the Way/I've found more Clouds of Grey/Than any Russian play/Could guarantee"..."I was a fool to fall And Get That Way;
Heigh ho! Alas! and also, Lackaday!"..."Was I the moth or the flame?"...they don't write them like this anymore. Gershwin. Mm.

Thanks Jay!

(P.S. If you haven't done "Lush Life," please do!)

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Review of Simplify Me When I'm Dead

Most obituaries compress a life, but in just a couple of minutes, this piece manages to expand one. If it is, in fact, an obituary--perhaps it's different kind of reflection. This lovely mix of poetry, news, and music makes me think differently about the tragedy of a life cut short, and it challenges the cookie-cutter narrative into which we usually place such stories. I couldn't mistake this piece for anything else I've heard.