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Comment for "Mary Jo's Kitchen - Pomegranate Seeds"

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Review of Mary Jo's Kitchen - Pomegranate Seeds

Oh yeah, I'm really down with this sweet piece on pomegranate seeds. Mary Jo does this "winter fruit" Homeric poetic justice - in under two minutes. Her ear for words and tempting detail is just the thing for this ancient fruit. And I even learned something - grenadine is pomegranate juice.

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Review of Facebook

A fine, informative piece, with a variety of intelligent interviews with students and potential employers. Main problem with the piece is that the drawback of Facebook - of potential employers looking at student profiles - is to some extent yesterday's, or even last year's, news. Observers have been talking about that for a while. Still, this piece does a good, professional job of exploring that issue.

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Review of Bells

a bit slow to start - I had a little trouble understanding the delivery - but the payoff is well well worth it, and outstanding: a vocal impression of the cadence of different bells, according to the religions they announce ... you've got to hear this

Comment for "Mary Jo's Kitchen - Cookies"

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Review of Mary Jo's Kitchen - Cookies

mouth watering ... crystal clear recipe, delivered with style, and, ah, taste ... nice guitar-work intro, too ... I was already very fond of shortbread, so I was especially receptive to this piece

Comment for "Our Ocean World - December 11 - 15, 2006" (deleted)

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Review of Our Ocean World - December 11 - 15, 2006 (deleted)

I don't know if a survey has ever been done to measure this, but I would bet that these short-short pieces on nature and science are one of the best ways of educating kids of all ages about these subjects. This episode of "Our Ocean World" about disappearing denizens of the sea had excellent sound effects and ambience, as well as fine narration and interview.

Comment for "NatureWatch 12/11 - 12/15/06" (deleted)

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Review of NatureWatch 12/11 - 12/15/06 (deleted)

I continue to love these little science and nature pieces. This one is especially pleasing, and the perfect antidote for 30-degree dampness in the NYC area. The sound effects were soothing and realistic, the content informative - even for someone like me, who has long been a fan of ladybugs. I was very happy to learn that even in the cold of winter, they're not very far away, burrowed into nearby trees, waiting for the Spring to smile upon them, and us.

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Review of Remembering John Lennon

Superb! A wonderful mix of recollection, John Lennon singing, and a priceless snippet of conversation between Lennon and Sinclair. Radio at its very best.

Comment for "MicrobeWorld - November 27 - December 1, 2006" (deleted)

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Review of MicrobeWorld - November 27 - December 1, 2006 (deleted)

clear and informative ... these bite-size doses of science are just the thing for anyone on the go with a thirst for knowledge ...

Comment for "StoryCorps: Rebecca Katechis"

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Review of StoryCorps: Rebecca Katechis

authentic Bronx family recollections ... captures the nuance of Bronx life in the 1950s, and what became of it