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Comment for "Life Stories - Friendship"

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Review of Life Stories - Friendship

Several first-person recollections, audio verite pieces, and audio letters make up this hour of programming that is tied together by the theme of friendship and produced from a variety of sources. Each of these segments, in their own unusual way, gets at some real, true, human emotions that we're not often exposed to on the radio. The mix of styles that the show brings together makes for engaging listening and you (or your listeners) are sure to emotionally connect to something in each of these pieces. It's the kind of programming that makes listening to public radio on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon the perfect activity.

Comment for "A Day In The Life Of A Vice Principal"

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Review of A Day In The Life Of A Vice Principal

One of those documentary segments that pulls you right into the middle of another person's daily life and gives you a sampling of what it's like as they try to do their job. In this case, it's a job that seems daunting (at the very least) as you listen to all the demands and challenges that are made on a school's vice president and how unflappable and determined she is. The segment is likely to make most of us realize how "easy" our jobs are -- and give a new-found respect for those working the education today.


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Review of "The Home-State Record" (deleted)

This is a solid series of reports about the current democratic presidential contenders, providing some more in-depth background on each than I've heard on radio (or in a lot of print sources) to date. The Howard Dean section is longest (given this was produced by Vermont Public Radio, that's not surprising) and the other segments tend to run under 5 minutes. Some of them could use a few more minutes of fleshing out as it's hard to believe we can learn much of what we need to know in under 5 minutes. Still, it's a great way to provide listeners with pertinent information about these democrats' political records--and where theory meets practice.

The Dean section is most engaging for its use of interviews with Vermont residents who know and have worked with the doctor. Hearing about who he is as a person (versus how his campaign director might be positioning him this week) is enlightening and clarifies a lot about who Dean is as a person in his daily ilfe--and who he might be in office as our next President.

Comment for "The Day John Lennon Died" (deleted)

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Review of The Day John Lennon Died (deleted)

Engaging piece about how disparate people in far-flung places were first made aware of his death and how it impacted and effected them. An artist as powerful, controversial, and timeless as Lennon is bound to bring up a variety of emotions, and it shows in this piece. As someone who started out simply as a "pop" singer and developed into an important voice in politics and global issues, it makes a striking case for how important a pop singer can truly be in people's daily lives and attitudes.