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Comment for "staff meeting 7 - wrap up"

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Review of staff meeting 7 - wrap up

Last meeting. The staff meets to review how the one-day drive went. Needed 350 members and got 360; went over dollar goal -- it was a new record! History has been made at WVIA. Good to continue the "staff meeting" theme to explain how it all went...continuity and consistency were very well thought out. Overall, a nice spot campaign to accompany a new approach to a fundraising campaign. Good work. Well done! Very creative.

Comment for "staff meeting 6"

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Review of staff meeting 6

Meeting the week of the drive. Hugo is setting up web cam. T-shirts, new member challenge -- it's all updated in the meeting. BJ pledge theme is there -- very upbeat and they are all getting very excited.
Very positive take on the drive!

Comment for "staff meeting 5"

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Review of staff meeting 5

5th staff meeting -- a week away from the drive. Staff updates on how it's going. Good way to introduce the stats -- but careful with TMI (too much information). The spots seem to be getting shorter as the drive draws nearer.
Well done.

Comment for "staff meeting 4"

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Review of staff meeting 4

4th meeting to plan one-day membership drive. Hugo now, they seem funny to me!
Reiterate goals -- dollars and members. Drive listeners to web. Reads an email from a listener who suports one-day-drive idea. They establish the slogan -- One-Day-Friday.
Well done. The spot moves along well -- great pacing.

Comment for "staff meeting 3"

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Review of staff meeting 3

3rd meeting to plan drive. More jokes about Hugo...
Mention goals again...and they bring up one day idea. People already pledging and oferring to volunteer. Like the other 2 meeting spots -- they discuss the DATE. In this meeting -- they come up with the not knowing the date in the previous two spots is a clever forward promote. This time they decide they must come up with a slogan. More "oooh's and ahhh's" from the staff.
Nice spot! Good campaign of production.

Comment for "staff meeting 2"

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Review of staff meeting 2

2nd meeting to plan the drive. Still planning one-day drive. Listeners already going on line. They bring up the member and dollar goals. BJ pledge theme in background is upbeat. The staff "ooh's and ahhh's" are cute. Like the previous staff meeting spot -- there is just a bit too much info to really digest.
It's good!

Comment for "staff meeting 1"

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Review of staff meeting 1

Staff meeting...agenda is to plan next drive (groans all 'round)...planning the dates (takes 10 days) -- more groans. Let's try to do it in less time. Erika says to do it in ONE DAY. Members love the station, but would like to shorten the drive. BJ pledge theme underneath. Staff discuss what it will take...
This is ok...a little cheesy...maybe a little too long. There is a lot of information in the spot to digest...
The spot is a great idea. Very upbeat. And although it puts the drive in a negative light at the beginning, it does turn around to become listener focused and mission driven. Tighten it up, shorten it, and keep the information to a minimum, and it's a great spot!

Comment for "host teaser 3 - Larry Vojtko"

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Review of host teaser 3 - Larry Vojtko

Host mentions that a piece of music is so enjoyable it should never end...but not so for the fundraisers. So...doing a 10 day drive in just one day. Lots of work, but worth it -- details to come. Drives listeners to web.
Good teaser...mission-related (to the music).

Comment for "host week two - 1-day history"

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Review of host week two - 1-day history

She provides a moment in one day history (sailing 90 miles in a bathtub in one day). Then she explains the one-day-Friday concept. Drives listeners to the web.
This is a good concept -- to connect interesting one day events to the drive. Makes the spot more compelling!

Comment for "host week two - 1-day history George Graham"

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Review of host week two - 1-day history George Graham

Cute. He gives a tidbit about an accomplishment done in one day (non-stop billiards) -- then segues into one-day-Friday. Drives listeners to the web. Nice idea to include the interesting historical info.
Good. Spot ends a bit abruptly.

Comment for "1-day drive promo for New Member Challenge"

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Review of 1-day drive promo for New Member Challenge

Local station person (she provided her name, but not sure who she is). She's excited about members (producer's society) who like the idea of ending a drive in one day. But first -- need 350 members and raise $70,000 by one-day-Friday.
It's a New member Challenge and historical. She sounds excited and explains it fairly well.
Spot is fine.

Comment for "Promo - Testimonial for 1-day drive"

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Review of Promo - Testimonial for 1-day drive

Listner with BJ Leiderman pledge theme in background (nice)...she says what she listens to on the station. Then the announcer says they're trying to raise 10 days worth of fundraising in one day...listener prefers more of the great music than pitching.
This explains the one day campaign very well and lets the listener deal with the "negative" side of fundraising. Good spot.

Comment for "1-day drive Erika's Mom 1"

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Review of 1-day drive Erika's Mom 1

Older lady says she's Erika's mom reading from a renewing listener -- who appreciates the station keeping "interruptions" to a minimum and hoping "one-day-Friday" is a success.
Spot is confusing b/c who is Erika? And why did she say to pledge "then or now." Call to action is unclear. Spot needs a bit more context.

Comment for "Tango Man"

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Review of Tango Man

Spot about local show -- features a conversation about the Tango. Fun, good music. Great guest. Nicely produced. He mentions the mystery of the dance, but no mystery about supporting public radio. Spot is fine.

Comment for "Questions that Matter"

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Review of Questions that Matter

Questions are asked on local talk show that matter...with soundbites (questions from host) from past shows. Nice montage. Questions from listeners as well.
Listeners make it possible -- nice music in background.
Spot is fine -- well produced.

Comment for "News Rap"

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Review of News Rap

Andy is a prep cook at a pizza joint -- he listens 7 days a week and has never pledged...and feels guilty. KUOW has never let him down, and he does want to keep it on the air -- he will participate now...he promises. To help stop the drive!
The best part of this spot is Andy's total honesty and sincerity.

Comment for "Naughty Mommy"

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Review of Naughty Mommy

Local show features unusual authors -- including this woman who wrote about being a "naughty mommy." She talks about her book, sex, being naughty, and so on. Author mentions having a place in her life for all of this and announcer wraps up by saying, "and if you have a place in your life for public radio..."
The two don't really seem connected --there is a disconnect for the listener here. Maybe more focus on how listener supports keeps this kind of radio going...

Comment for "John Moe and the Chocolate Factory"

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Review of John Moe and the Chocolate Factory

Reference to a local show and host who recently visited a chocolate shop...with sound from the visit (plus music from Willy Wonka in back?) -- premise of spot is to "continue the adventure."
It's ok...but I didn't get a real adventerous feel from the soundbite. Maybe different language (something other than "adventure.") would have connected the dots a little better.

Comment for "It's Not Complicated"

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Review of It's Not Complicated

Taking calls on local talk show...with tape from actual calls. Interesting! The station sorts through complications of life, but supporting is not complicated.
Soundbites are ok. I'm not sure about the connection between life being complicated and couple who re-married after 28 years...

Comment for "Interview with a Publicist"

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Review of Interview with a Publicist

A KUOW reporter plays part of a conversation with a corporate publicist. He talks about how public radio does not and will not make a commercial out of a news interview, and what he sees as the differences between commercial and public radio. Even with strict regulations, he is still a fan and supporter of public radio!
Nice case -- good close.

Comment for "I'd Rather Be With You"

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Review of I'd Rather Be With You

Eric the handyman is asked, "what if there were no KUOW?" Great, personal answers. Cute with appropriate music ("I Need You"). This spot could resonate with listeners, although Eric the handyman likes to be alone when he works, so that may not connect with everyone.
Spot is ok!

Comment for "Heather the Seamstress"

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Review of Heather the Seamstress

Heather sews wedding dresses -- we hear her sewing machine and some old fashioned music. She compares the art of sewing and the art of radio as both old fashioned and both an art that takes time (telling stories and providing news). Somebody has to make the dresses and somebody has to do good radio! She makes a good point without using all the usual arguements.
Different. Nice.

Comment for "Heather the Hero"

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Review of Heather the Hero

Heather is a seamstress and loves to listen to KUOW while she sews bridal gowns. You can hear the sewing machine -- and some dramatic (heroic?)music. She feels somewhat "responsible" for the station because she donates, and responsible for it's existence. She gets excited when she can help station reach goals...feels she's saved the day. Her laughing is very genuine. Nice spot.

Comment for "Game Show"

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Review of Game Show

Dating Game theme and phones in the background. Game is to test your knowledge of public radio -- she mentions the last name and contestants (local talent/pitchers) have to guess the first name -- if you guess half the names, you're hooked! It was fun...and hard. I would suggest at least a *few* easy names for those who are new or don't listen a lot. Nice mix of case and close in the spot. It was fun and interactive!

Comment for "Eric the Handyman"

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Review of Eric the Handyman

Eric is talking right where he works...(with sfx) nice touch. Keeps the radio on while he works, listened for a long time without pledging...and ends it with saying that when he did pledge, it was worth it, and KUOW brings a lot to you. End of spot is great -- he's off in the background, "at least if you're not gonna pledge, thank the people who do!" saw sfx out...

Comment for "Cab Drivers"

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Review of Cab Drivers

Cab driver with strong accent...he, and all cab drivers, only listen to 94.9, KUOW. His customers love the station as well. People should give b/c it's the "best station."
Not a bad spot, but not much of a case -- that people should give b/c cab drivers listen. Great idea...a little stronger case from the cab driver would make a better spot.

Comment for "Bedtime Listening"

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Review of Bedtime Listening

Running water, brushing teeth, shower and radio in background sfx...cute. She listens to KUOW while getting ready for bed -- and finds the news on the station really sucks her in. Spot is good...but a little confusing b/c at first we think she only listens at night...then she says morning, noon and night. A little more context for the whole of the spot would be helpful.

Comment for "A Kid Named Henry"

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Review of A Kid Named Henry

Nice spot -- using a 10-year old boy who listens to ATC in the car. The spot is in his own words -- he is a well spoken and articulate kid. It's sincere and to the point, "if you listen and don't's like stealing." A young man like Henry can say that.

Comment for "KUT Fund Raising Spots"

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Review of KUT Fund Raising Spots

Posted by KUT on 31 January 2006.
Testimonial # 1 -- Mike Singley is good b/c it puts the listener "in a place" while listening to KUT. Listening to radio is a very personal endeavor and we all "experinece" our listening in different ways. This experience with Afropop is a positive and very beneficial experience -- and it was made more so by his wonderful impersonation of Georges Colinet. He was well-spoken and very sincere! The only thing I'd change is to have him include how/why HE became a member, rather than just encouraging others to join.
Testimonial # 2 -- Ray Berson was good b/c the guy just couldn't sound more real and more honest! He focused on the importance of KUT's music influence in the community and on his life (and the life of Dardin Smith!). Music has that affect on people and his testimonial nailed it.
Testimonial # 5 -- Lydia Agraz is a good testimonial b/c she mentions the fundraiser! Along with asking others to become members, she explains all the ways the station has benefited her (very good), and why and when she decided when to first join herself. I did feel it may have sounded a little negative to hear her mention that without her support, ME would go away, but overall, this piece was well done .

Comment for "VPR Listener Testimonials"

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Review of VPR Listener Testimonials

Posted by VPR on 6 January 2006. Listener Testimonial # 4 -- Whitman -- is good b/c the listener is a member, talks about why being a member is important, mentions the benefits, and above all -- she talks about the $365 (dollar-a-day) level in a way that makes it seem quite affordable: "after all, it's just 4 quarters..." Nicely produced with good music!