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Recent Pieces from Cally Banham

Caption: Alberto Podestá

The Baritones of Tango (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Celebrating the most notable baritones of Golden Era Tango.
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The Sound World of Florindo Sassone (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Celebrating the music of tango musician Florindo Sassone.
Caption: Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma's "Soul of the Tango" (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Yo-Yo Ma champions the Tango with his recordings.
Caption: Basso at the piano

José Basso in Japan (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The story of Argentine tango musician José Basso's success as a touring artist in Japan.
Caption: Alfredo Gobbi

Alfredo Gobbi's Romantic Violin (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The music of the much admired Tango violinist, arranger and orchestra leader Alfredo Gobbi.
Caption: Astor Piazzolla

Original Tango Nuevo (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The roots of the Tango Nuevo movement.
Caption: Carmencita Calderón

Women of Golden Era Tango Part 3: The Muses (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Women who inspired the composition of great Golden Era tangos.
Caption: Tita Merello

Women of Golden Era Tango Part 2: The Movie Stars (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Music from mega film stars Mercedes Simone, Tita Merello, and more.
Caption: Eloísa de Silva

Women of Golden Era Tango Part 1: The Composers (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The music of early female Tango composers Maruja Pacheco Huergo and Eloísa de Silva.
Caption: Astor Piazzolla

Symphonic Piazzolla (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Featuring Astor Piazzolla's symphonic triptych, Sinfonia de Buenos Aires.