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Recent Pieces from Cally Banham

Caption: Astor Piazzolla

Symphonic Piazzolla (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Featuring Astor Piazzolla's symphonic triptych, Sinfonia de Buenos Aires.
Caption: Rodolfo Biagi

Biagi Off-Beat (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The music and story of tango pianist and orchestra leader Rodolfo Biagi.
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Maria de Buenos Aires (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

An overview of the Astor Piazzolla opera Maria de Buenos Aires.
Caption: Osvaldo Golijov

Composer Osvaldo Golijov (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The stunning music of Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov, and the traces of Tango within his works.
Caption: Color Tango

Color Tango Orchestra (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The music and origin story of Orquesta Color Tango.
Caption: Colombian Artist Botero

Colombia and Tango (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

The people of Colombia love Tango and have honored Carlos Gardel's legacy since his tragic death there in 1935.
Caption: José Basso

José Basso (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Tango musician José Basso's recordings along with stories from his long career.
Caption: Kronos Quartet in 1990

Kronos Quartet (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Astor Piazzolla's collaboration with the Kronos Quartet at the end of his life.
Caption: Troilo with his Orchestra

Tango DJ (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Music for a milonga, from the perspective of a Tango DJ.
Caption: Gidon Kremer

Piazzolla's Tango Ballet (59:00)
From: Classic107.3

Tango ballet music and classical ballet music side by side.