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Pop Vultures Rocks! (deleted)

Refreshing voices not normally heard on public radio. It’s like eavesdropping on Pabst-drinking hipsters as they critique the jukebox selections of an unsuspecting target across the bar.

You get the feeling that the guests don’t admit to watching much TV... but, they secretly read “Us Weekly” from cover to cover and know exactly what’s happening on “The Real World.”

Music purists will appreciate their right-on opinions of diverse artists such as Weezer, Sheryl Crow, Sting and Liz Phair (and that's just one episode).

Comment for "Cheerleader Camp" (deleted)

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Review of Cheerleader Camp (deleted)

The narrator reflects on the inspiration provided by the local cheerleader camp... He imagines that the campers are his personal cheerleaders helping him through the day.