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Recent Pieces from Craig Goldsmith

Caption: Steve Hoffman

Captain Hoff & the Tech Trends Changing Everything (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program we’re talking about The Five Forces That Change Everything with author Steve Hoffman, aka Captain Hoff, the CEO of Founders Space, named one of the Forbes ...
Caption: Karen Mazur

Civic Tech and Public Art (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program we’re talking with Eric Renz-Whitmore, a lead organizer of the DataFest: ArtQuest event, and Karen Mazur, Public Art Project Coordinator and Database ...
Caption: Julie Napolin

Price Lab: Digital Humanities Podcasting (59:00)
From: KUNM

We talk with Julie Napolin, who helped create the Price Lab podcast, and with Sarah Milinski, the Price Lab program manager and podcast producer. Price Lab Podcast is a ...
Caption: Marisa Demarco

Other Names for the River (59:00)
From: KUNM

We're joined by the artists behind There Must be Other Names for the River -- Dylan McLaughlin, Marisa Demarcoand Jessica Zeglin. This online art installation guides visitors ...
Caption: MoniGarr

Extended Reality (XR) - Indigenous Language & Culture (59:00)
From: KUNM

We're joined by MoniGarr, the founder of, a small tech company based in the Akwesasne Indian Reservation. MoniGarr develops XR -- aka extended reality -- ...
Caption: Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld

Remote Religion (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program, we're joined by Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld, the rabbi at Congregation Albert in Albuquerque and the Reverend Bob LaVallee, a minister at the First Unitarian ...
Caption: Chris Jonas

Culture Connects Toolkit with Littleglobe (59:00)
From: KUNM

Guests Chris Jonas, co-founder and Executive Director at Littleglobe, and Katy Gross, Littleglobe's Deputy Director and Education Director. Littleglobe creates collaborative ...
Caption: Simon DeDeo

Advanced Humanities Institute at SFI (59:00)
From: KUNM

Philosopher David Kinney, an Omidyar Postdoctoral Fellow at The Santa Fe Institute, and SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo, a cognitive scientist at Carnegie Mellon ...
Caption: Jemez Ruins

NM Historic Sites Holidays, 2020 Edition (59:00)
From: KUNM

Join Patrick Moore and Timothy Roberts, the director and deputy director of New Mexico Historic Sites, who together with interpreters and educators all over the state, are ...
Caption: Eels!

Going Medieval with Twitterstorians (58:59)
From: KUNM

We're joined by Dr. Shannon McSheffrey, a medieval historian at Concordia University in Montreal. Professor McSheffrey's research interests center around law, mitigation, ...