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Recent Pieces from Craig Goldsmith

Caption: Leonardo Flores

Electronic Literature (59:00)
From: KUNM

We’re joined by Mark Marino and Leonardo Flores, both with the Electronic Literature Organization. Leonardo Flores is Chair of the English Department at Appalachian State ...
Caption: Daniel Latorre

Wise Cities (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program we’re joined by Daniel Latorre, founder and director of The Wise City. Daniel is an advocate for digital placemaking with a focus on community engagement and ...
Caption: Roopika Risam

Social Justice in Digital Humanities (59:00)
From: KUNM

We're joined by the co-editors of Reviews in Digital Humanities, Dr. Roopika Risam and Dr. Jennifer Guiliano. Dr. Risam is the Chair of Secondary and Higher Education and ...
Caption: Michael Running Wolf

Indigenous A.I. (59:00)
From: KUNM

We're joined by Michael Running Wolf (Northern Cheyenne, Lakota and Blackfeet). He has a Master’s of Science in Computer Science, is a former engineer for Amazon’s Alexa, and ...
Caption: Liz Neely

Reimagining Digital Collections (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program we're joined by Liz Neely, the curator of Digital Experience at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe.
Caption: Arushi Saxena

Misinformation on Social Media (59:00)
From: KUNM

Imagine... widespread consensus around scientific facts and historic events. Online interactions based on mutual respect and dignity. Systems that discourage people from ...
Caption: Dr. Catherine Knight Steele

Digital Black Feminism (59:00)
From: KUNM

This month, we're talking with Dr. Catherine Knight Steele, an Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of Maryland - College Park. Dr. Steele was the Founding ...
Caption: Holly+

Holly Herndon / Holly+ (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program we're talking with composer, musician, and sound artist Holly Herndon, whose most recent full-length album Proto was released in 2019. We’re also talking with ...
Caption: Steve Hoffman

Captain Hoff & the Tech Trends Changing Everything (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program we’re talking about The Five Forces That Change Everything with author Steve Hoffman, aka Captain Hoff, the CEO of Founders Space, named one of the Forbes ...
Caption: Karen Mazur

Civic Tech and Public Art (59:00)
From: KUNM

On this program we’re talking with Eric Renz-Whitmore, a lead organizer of the DataFest: ArtQuest event, and Karen Mazur, Public Art Project Coordinator and Database ...