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Recent Pieces from Shefik Macauley

Caption: Adam B. Shapiro, Credit: Shefik

Adam B. Shapiro: Sometimes It's a Long Time Before the Phone Rings (03:32)
From: Shefik Macauley

Perseverance - Adam B. Shapiro is an award-winning actor, known for HBO's "The Normal Heart" (2014), "Master of None" (2015), and "The Cobbler" (2014). He has also performed ...
Caption: Charisse Arrington, Credit: Shefik

Charisse Arrington: I Don't Consider Things Anymore a Failure in My Life (02:38)
From: Shefik Macauley

Vision - Charisse Arrington is a R&B singer who was signed to MCA Records in the 1990s. Her biggest success was with the single "Down With This" which peaked in the top ...
Caption: Michael Alig, Credit: Shefik

Michael Alig: I Spent a Lot of Time in Solitary Confinement (04:07)
From: Shefik Macauley

Resilience - Michael Alig is an artist and party promoter, who served almost 17 years in prison for manslaughter. He was a co-founder and ringleader of the Club Kids, a group ...
Caption: Sony Turner, Credit: Shefik

Sonny Turner: Inspiration Gives You the Catalyst to Fulfill Your Dreams (01:26)
From: Shefik Macauley

Dreams - Sonny Turner is best known for replacing Tony Williams as lead singer of The Platters. The group had 40 charting singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including four no. ...
Caption: Brendon Hamilton, Credit: Shefik

Brendon Hamilton: Art Is One of the Ways We Can Express the Human Condition (02:43)
From: Shefik Macauley

Remorse - Brendon Hamilton has been writing and performing since he was a young child. Influenced by some of rock, pop, and R&B's greatest recording artists, he sought to ...
Caption: Kevin Smith Kirkwood, Credit: Shefik

Kevin Smith Kirkwood: Some of My Favorite Christmas Memories (02:20)
From: Shefik Macauley

Christmas - Kevin Smith Kirkwood is an actor, known for "Condemned" (2015) and the 71st Annual Tony Awards (2017). He currently stars in the musical "Kinky Boots" on ...
Caption: Alvaro Alencar, Credit: Shefik

Alvaro Alencar: Change Is Not Something That We Can Control (02:01)
From: Shefik Macauley

Change - Alvaro Alencar has over 140 records in his career spanning 20+ years. In this time, he has won 13 Latin Grammy Awards, over 25 Latin Grammy nominations, and over 30 ...
Caption: William Goldstein, Credit: Shefik

William Goldstein: What's Really Special to Me About Ana Luisa (03:22)
From: Shefik Macauley

Spirit - William Goldstein was previously a recording artist for Motown Records and CBS Masterworks. He has over 50 albums currently available. He has also scored over 50 ...
Caption: N.K. Morton, Credit: Shefik

N.K. Morton: I Was Able to Affirm Everything I Knew to Be True About Myself (06:44)
From: Shefik Macauley

Affirmation - N.K. Morton is a singer-songwriter. She wrote songs for Backstreet Boys, Mýa, and Karen Clark-Sheard, worked in television with Chris Rock, and was a featured ...
Caption: Sipho Gumbo, Credit: Shefik

Sipho Gumbo: A Revolution Is Defined as a Rapid Change in Events (04:24)
From: Shefik Macauley

Revolution - Sipho Gumbo, the creator of Yangu Beauty, sought out a leading expert in skincare chemistry to help transform her authentic recipes into a skincare line for ...