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Recent Pieces from Keith Brown

Caption: A team of composers led by Hiroshi Yamaguchi scored the 2022 action role-playing game Babylon’s Fall. The original soundtrack contains over five hours of music.

Episode 321: Babylon's Fall (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

Sometimes, fantastic video game scores come from games that fail commercially and critically.
Caption: In the 2006 game Okami players take the role of white wolf Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess. The original score uses traditional Japanese instruments.

Episode 320: Animal Control (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

Hear a musical menagerie of themes from video games with animal protagonists.
Caption: The members of The Game Brass explore the vastness of outer space on their 2022 album BRASS EFFECT, which features over 40 musicians.

Episode 319: Game Brass Spotlight (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

Classical chops meet video game music with brass ensemble The Game Brass.
Caption: Inon Zur has composed soundtracks for blockbuster video game series like Fallout and Dragon Age.

Episode 318: Inon Zur (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

Award-winning composer Inon Zur joins us this week to talk about his music for titles like Fallout 4, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, Syberia: The World Before and more.
Caption: The 2022 cinematic horror game Immortality charges players with unraveling the mystery of an actress’s disappearance. Nainita Desai composed a haunting original score.

Episode 317: Horror (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

Hear spine-tingling scores from Resident Evil, Dead Space, A Plague Tale and more.
Caption: For the 10th anniversary of the game Journey, Austin Wintory re-orchestrated the Grammy-nominated soundtrack that launched his career.

Episode 316: Austin Wintory and A Journey Symphony (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

Composer Austin Wintory tells us about how his collaborations with musicians represent the heart of his music.
Caption: Austin Wintory's 2012 original score for Journey launched the young composer's career to new heights.

Episode 315: Austin Wintory and the Music of Journey (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

We talk with composer Austin Wintory, the first composer to write a Grammy-nominated videogame score.
Caption: Over 140 million people worldwide have played World of Warcraft.

Episode 314: Massively Multiplayer (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

We’ll explore some of the sweeping scores that accompany these epic worlds, from World of Warcraft to Final Fantasy XIV to Guild Wars and more.
Caption: Arnie Roth conducts the Distant Worlds Philharmonic in a concert of music from Final Fantasy along with video projections of game footage.

Episode 313: Arnie Roth (59:00)
From: Interlochen Public Radio

We talk with the Grammy-winning conductor and share some of his groundbreaking recordings.