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Gregarious is currently available for new projects and is available to travel .


  • Astrophysical Considerations

Available For

  • An Antarctic Excursion


  • About Average

Languages I Speak

  • International Morse Code (with a sarcastic accent)

Work Experience

Lead Caboose Driver at HMT LLC

Previously Aired On

the side of caution...


G. Ramsay School of Etiquette, B.S.

Trump Graduate School of Fake Sincerity, More B.S.

G. Carlin University of Linguistics, Piled High and Deep

Don Rickles Correspondence Course, Ridicule

B. Madoff Business School, First Degree Felony

Kevin Bacon School of Separation, Seven

Cheech and Chong Institute, Did not graduate because Dave wasn't home.

L. Lamour Salon, Literature


  • Unless made of 24K gold, no thank you.

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