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Recent Pieces from Kyle Vass

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Prayer (:41)
From: Kyle Vass

Prayer conducted at the mosque on 20th Street.
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Ryan's Quarantine (08:04)
From: Kyle Vass

Non-narrated piece with Ryan on his recovery in a time of social isolation
Caption: Pat and Aileen

Love at First Gibbie's: Aileen and Pat (22:18)
From: Kyle Vass

Join Aileen, Pat and their friends and family to celebrate this awesome occasion.
Caption: Man on tracks, Credit: Stan Smith

Albans City Limits (09:56)
From: Kyle Vass

A pastor in West Virginia tries to help a homeless encampment.
Caption: Rene Drivers Her Truck, Credit: Facebook

Rene Brown (09:55)
From: Kyle Vass

From straight-A student to heroin addict to public defender. Rene tells her story.