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Caption: Anita Acosta & daughter Stephanie at home in Northern California., Credit: Marcos Nájera

Episode #1: "Who the F is that?" (13:29)
From: Marcos Nájera

Host Marcos Nájera introduces us to the Zeta podcast series. Who is Oscar Zeta Acosta? If you know, you are way ahead of Nájera who admits the US public school system failed ...
Caption: ASU Professor Luis Mendoza holds up an original copy of Acosta's book., Credit: Marcos Nájera

Episode #2: "Hunting for Buffalo in Arizona" (22:40)
From: Marcos Nájera

Nájera travels home to the Southwest to visit Latino scholars from ASU’s Transborder Studies department. The first of its kind in the nation. Chicano literature and history ...
Caption: Betty Dowd, Marco Acosta & Anita Acosta at the SF Latino Film Festival , Credit: Marcos Nájera

Episode #3: "The Ladies in His Life" (31:40)
From: Marcos Nájera

The women in Zeta’s life. From family to friends to former lovers. The ladies speak up and out about Oscar Zeta Acosta. From his spark-light sister Anita Acosta to his former ...
Caption: Rolling Stone book publisher Alan Rinzler at home in Berkeley., Credit: Marcos Nájera

Episode #4: "A Vandalized Voice" (16:59)
From: Marcos Nájera

The men in Zeta’s life. From family to friends to former lovers? You never know—some say Zeta was a constant chameleon in life, love, and the law. Now, the men weigh in on ...
Caption: Stanford Literature Professor Ramon Saldívar, Credit: Marcos Nájera

Episode #5: "Law, Literature & Racism: Zeta Style" (17:24)
From: Marcos Nájera

In the end, we wrap up our series at the beginning. Host Marcos Nájera reports on what he’s learned about Oscar Zeta Acosta. And the contributions he made to the fields of ...