Niela Orr

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Recent Pieces from Niela Orr

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Incense, Sweaters, and Altadena: An Interview with Martine Syms (26:49)
From: The Organist

Fresh off her first solo show at the MoMA, Martine Syms talks with the Organist about how growing up in Altadena, a red-lined suburb of Los Angeles led to her fascination ...
Piece image (01:08:54)
From: The Organist

In this four-part episode, MF Doom, in absentia, sends imposters to wear his steel gladiator mask and rap at his concerts. Joshua Cohen, author of Moving Kings, writes a ...
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The Voice is a Thief (29:30)
From: The Organist

We explore the extremes of the human voice with essayist Elena Passarello, winner of New Orleans’ annual “Stella!” scream competition, in which participants channel Marlon ...