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Achieving a dream

Whenever most people hear sirens from a fire engine they want to follow it to see what is going on. Well, this 45 year old fire fighter has wanted to be a fire fighter since he was a little boy. When he was 16 he would always follow the fire trucks to see what was going on and whenever he heard the sirens he got a huge rush of adrenaline. Well, as a 45 year old fire fighter he still gets that rush of adrenaline whenever he is on his way to put out a fire.

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Tricky Thanksgiving

Most people don't realize how hard it is to put together a good thanksgiving meal. In this family everyone has their own meal choice. There are gluten-free, vegetarians, allergic to almonds, vegans. Every year one mother has to make a different meal for everyone in the family and it is a disaster, although this year it was a little different. This year everyone brought their own dish and there was no fighting and it was a good thanksgiving for the Pudumjee family.

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Touching story

Its awesome to hear that this 16 year old high school girl is traveling the world and helping the kids that are less fortunate than others. She has wanted to become a doctor her entire life and she is currently making that dream come true.