Comments by Ethan D'Eramo

Comment for "Reel Discovery: Zootopia"

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The announcer gave very good details about this movie. I have personally already have seen twice and it was one of the best I have ever seen. It's so clever how they incorporated the different animals and jokes into the cartoon, action-packed film. It is a great movie that will definitely get a laugh out of you.

Comment for "Robots Attack!"

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This was a very good story.The announcer gave good details to enhance the story and make it sound better. It gave many great facts and instructions on how to prevent robots in our telephone services. But, it could've more information about why the robots do this. The story told us to never interact with a robot. But, sometimes robots can do good for us, too. Not all robots want to take over the world!!

Comment for "Connection Dangers"

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I really enjoyed this story. It gave me great insight on the hackers going around today! The announcer gave a great job explaining this to me and gave great detail about the story. It's crazy how people can even get into your CARS. This story was very intriguing to me and I would definitely recommend it.