Comments by Max Himelstein

Comment for "Hungry? Don't Eat Up, Drink Up...If You Can Get Around The Taste "

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Very Interesting

The introduction was catchy and grabbed my attention about Willy Wonka. I have never heard of Soylent and it was extremely interesting how this man can have his entire days' worth of calories fit in a brown bag. The narrator includes actualities throughout effectively to better describe Soylent's taste, nutritional benefit, and price point. The narrator provides that Soylent could potentially solve world hungry which definitely makes the audience ponder the possibility.

Comment for "Overcoming Hurdles To Be First In His Family To Go To College"

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Great story

The story had great background information about the track star. There were actualities from the family along with friends to make the story more personal to the listener. The story was truly inspiring about overcoming obstacles to achieve your ultimate goal, in this case going to college. The announcer did a great job narrating the story smoothly and thoroughly throughout.