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Caption: Thom Hartmann

247: Democracy vs. Plutocracy Part One: Behind Every Great Fortune Lies a Great Crime, 12/8/2021 (:00)
From: Bioneers

In this first part of a two-part program, we travel back and forth in time to explore the battle between democracy and plutocracy. In today’s new Gilded Age of rule by the ...
Caption: Ilarion "Larry" Merculieff

07-14: Mending the Earth: One Team and Everybody Wins, 12/1/2021 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

The way we see the world creates the world. If a new way of seeing is needed, what might that look like? Indigenous leaders Dakota-Dine Tom Goldtooth, Anishnabe Winona ...
Caption: Dayna Baumeister

05-12: Millions of Elders: Biomimicry and How Nature Would Do It, 11/24/2021 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

Biomimicry is decoding astonishing treasures from nature’s recipe book that we can mimic for our technological and industrial practices. Biomimicry Guild co-founder Dr. Dayna ...
Caption: Aqeela Sherrills

11-09: Wounds to Warriors: In the Wound Lies the Gift, 11/17/2021 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

Wounded warriors have walked through fire. They carry the scars forever, yet many have somehow managed to heal even the most horrific of their emotional wounds. Rather than ...
Caption: Dekila Chungyalpa

12-14: Is Nothing Sacred? A Spiritual Response to the Ecological Crisis, 11/10/2021 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

Religion is the oldest, most compelling moral framework for social action. As director of World Wildlife Fund’s Sacred Earth Program, Buddhist Dekila Chungyalpa shows how ...