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Recent Pieces from Olivia Weitz

Caption: A print of the number 10 buoy located off of Brant Point in Nantucket. This print is part of a series on navigational buoys by Jane Fay Baker. Submitted photo. , Credit: Jane Fay Baker

Avoiding the picturesque, Jane Fay Baker prints the unusual (04:03)
From: Olivia Weitz

Growing up on Cape Cod, printmaker Jane Fay Baker developed an eye for the objects and creatures that might otherwise go unnoticed.
Caption: The Sun Seeker is a Chinese Junk, a type of ancient sailboat. Since 1987, the boat has been moored at Quissett Harbor in Falmouth. , Credit: Olivia Weitz

A liveaboard moves to land (07:17)
From: Olivia Weitz

Rusty Strange built a sailboat, by hand, and lived on board for nearly three decades, mostly in Quissett Harbor on Cape Cod. In January, he sold the boat and is transitioning ...