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Caption: Gary Bentley is a former coal miner who grew up in eastern Kentucky., Credit: Courtesy Gary Bentley

: People Are People, Not Political Categories: Appalachians Discuss The Issues That Matter Most,... (54:00)
From: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Four years ago, 95 percent of Appalachian counties voted for Donald Trump. National journalists parachuted in to try to understand why. But, what did they miss? This week on ...
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InsideApp201021: 3 Stories About Fierce Appalachian Women, 10/21/2020 (54:00)
From: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

This episode is all about one of Appalachia’s most critical natural resources — fierce women. We hear what happens when Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei combine Appalachian and ...
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InsideApp201007: Reconnecting To Our Roots Through Pawpaws, And Revisiting Indigenous History Ins... (54:00)
From: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Here in Appalachia, we have this extraordinary fruit called pawpaws. The pawpaw was important enough to the Shawnee people’s way of life that they even named a phase of the ...

: Tapping Into The Love Of Wild, Inside Appalachia, 9/30/2020 (54:00)
From: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

In this day and age, kids spend so much time looking at screens. This week on Inside Appalachia, we’ll meet a storyteller and songwriter who inspires kids to get outside and ...
Caption: Robert Villamagna, a professional artist in Wheeling, W.Va., outside his studio in summer 2019. Robert tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of July 2020, and he is still in recovery., Credit: Caitlin Tan/ WVPB

: Artists Adjusting During COVID, Dinosaur Kingdom, And Remembering Elaine Purkey, 9/23/2020 (54:00)
From: West Virginia Public Broadcasting

In this episode, we check in with potters, painters, writers, and action figure makers, to see how they’re faring during—and in spite of—the coronavirus pandemic. We remember ...