Sandip Roy

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Recent Pieces from Sandip Roy

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Soundfounder Episode #116 (52:00)
From: Andrew Brown

Every week, Soundfounder plays electronic and beat music from Austin and around the world, focusing on new releases and old classics.
Caption: DYOR, Credit: Seth Shostak

Skeptic Check: Do Your Own Research (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Scientists are increasingly finding their expertise questioned by non-experts who claim they’ve done their own “research.” Whether advocating Ivermectin to treat Covid, ...
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CLW 210608 7AM: ClassicalWorks (Episode 425), 6/8/2021 7:00 AM (58:59)
From: WFIU

ClassicalWorks (Episode 425)
Caption: Good News for a Good Planet - Change your focus, change your world.

GN_5.11_PeaceForPlay (02:30)
From: Good News Good Planet

A former Chicago gang member enters rival territory to ask for peace.
Caption: A Moment of Science

AMOS 21.07: The Science of Narrative Structure, 1/11/2021 (02:00)
From: WFIU

The Science of Narrative Structure
Caption: Tara Atkinson

Holding Space While Maintaining Social Distance (08:17)
From: Suzanne LaGrande

Suzanne LaGrande interviews Tara Atkinson, a yoga therapist and teacher who teaches diverse communities in Portland, Oregon. Since the Covid-19 Pandemic she has started ...
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Lives in Music: Mark Robinson - 40 years in the UK's CBSO (51:21)
From: Robin Valk

40 years in one of the UK's finest orchestras. Mark Robinson has stories!
Caption: Film music you remember, even if you've forgotten the film.

103 Still Angry at the Academy (58:58)
From: KCME

Join Robert Bruce, who is Still Angry at the Academy, as he doles out yet some more Alternate Oscars for Best Original Score.
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Take Care (Monthly) #9 (52:00)
From: WRVO Public Media

The focus of this episode is health information.
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Take Care #125 (28:00)
From: WRVO Public Media

Episode topics: Sun sensitivity and doctors admitting mistakes.