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Caption: James Wilson Marshall (1884)

Age of Gold (02:23:22)
From: Rob MacClanahan

Meet James Marshall and some other famous folks on the eve of the California Gold Rush of 1849.
Caption: Seal of the State of Jefferson, Credit:

State of Jefferson (03:21:46)
From: Rob MacClanahan

"Keep It California" and the people who want to live in the "State of Jefferson" battled it out at the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting last Tuesday, and the ...
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King, Pizarro and Botany Bay (02:38:56)
From: Rob MacClanahan

The immortal words of Martin Luther King Jr... Pizarro, the vanquisher of the Incas -- is vanquished. And the British First Fleet sails to Sidney...
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The Book of Judith (02:31:22)
From: Rob MacClanahan

The spirit of Judith cries out to us even if the names of her enemies are masked, even if exiled to the Apocrypha, even though she was -- but a woman...