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Comment for "For the Blood Is the Life"

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Review of For the Blood Is the Life

The narration of this piece feels like it's being whispered in your ear while you stand with barefoot kids in overalls who gape in awe as the goats are slaughtered and the blood pours out onto the soil. I am always entranced by the sound of people who hail from the mountains of Appalachia. The tape of the kids is great. Their perspective on the whole process is funny and honest and not to sappy. The quotes from the bible and the references to Sunday vividly portray the role that religion plays in the lives of Appalachians. There is even a reference to the economics of the meat industry. What a great story.

Comment for "Is Legalizing Drugs an Option?"

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Review of Is Legalizing Drugs an Option?

Professor Mcoy's analysis of the war on drugs stands out as voice of honesty and sensible thinking in a sea of rhetoric. As our prison populations continue to rise and it becomes more and more apparent that the detriments of our current drug policy far outweigh any benefits, I welcome Mcoy's words. If, like the professor points out, we look at policy changes already taking place in California it is obvious that a change in our attitudes toward drug policy can and will help reduce the demand for drugs as well as alleviate the rising numbers of citizens being incarcerated each year in United States prisons.

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Review of Lieutenant Pigeon

There is such a nice dynamic between the caring in the older woman's voice and the homeless veteran. His brisk introduction in military speak and the tender way in which he speaks about the pigeons really captivating. This piece paints a nice picture of a scenario that is common to so many cities and yet I am drawn into a world that seems unreal, by the characters who are bigger than real life.

Comment for "Johnny Comes Home"

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Review of Johnny Comes Home

I hear this story and I know that factually, it is true and this actually happened and is still happening, and yet part of me can't believe it. It fills me with rage and I wonder how can this be happening, how can these things be going on. Stories like this are an example of how the true nature of war affects us on th eindivdual human level. I hope to see more voices from the war speaking up about what is going on.

Comment for "The Endless Winter" (deleted)

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Review of The Endless Winter (deleted)

I especially like Paul's wife's earnest opinion about Pauls streak. It is a part of the story you would not find in typical news stories and it makes the piece so much more real. And the conference call is a moment in the story when I grin and think how perfect a moment to capture on tape. The story is well written and grabs me, pulls me in and reminds me why it is I listen to radio stories.

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Review of 8 Minute Soulmate

This story is a little scary to me. The very matter of fact way in which the stoy of finding a soulmate in 8 minutes unfolds. As I hear the sound of the singles chatting nervously in the backround I can't help but imagine a very brightly lit room full of lonely middle aged americans who have spent countless holurs wandering the internet late at night hoping to meet a real live peron. It all comes across as very pleasant and normal and yet it makes me feel sad and I wonder if they will ever find happiness.

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Review of Entrepreneur

The sounds in this piece create a very vivid scene in my mind. There is an honesty in the way Adam speaks. An acceptance of the circumstances of life. That combined with the sound of the mud makes me think of everything within the story as being only different shades of grey, like a black and white movie. Although I had never heard of a worm digger, the story makes me feel as if I have known about worm digging all my life.

Comment for "Being Black"

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Review of Being Black

Allison Jones story is so powerful beacuse it is not the words of experts in the halls of universities, but the voice of a person who grew up in the other America. It will take stories like these, personal, real and sincere to help awaken Americans to the crisis we face as we try to provide the standard of living that all people deserve.

Comment for "A Lesson from Mr. Fur Face"

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Review of A Lesson from Mr. Fur Face

Its refreshing to hear the humble voice of the world beard and mustache champion telling his story to the world. This story brings a smile to my bearded face. I hope to hear the beards and mustaches of the world more and more on the radio. In the land of the wintry north the man with no neck is king.