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Caption: Buckhorn Mesa landfill., Credit: courtesy of Flickr user Alan Levine.

Trash Talk: The Persistence of Waste (39:39)
From: Distillations

During our short time on Earth we humans have created a lot of stuff. Some of it's life-altering, like the device you’re using right now and some of it's pretty silly, like ...
Caption: AIDS awareness painting in Chimoio, Mozambique. , Credit: Courtesy of Flickr user Ton Rulkens.

Life with HIV: Success without a Cure? (38:57)
From: Distillations

Thirty years ago an HIV diagnosis was a death sentence. Today, sophisticated drug cocktails known as highly active antiretroviral therapy, or HAART, have dramatically changed ...
Caption: In vitro fertilization (IVF) in progress. , Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Babies on Demand: Reproduction in a Technological Age (40:27)
From: Distillations

At the beginning of the 19th century women in the United States had an average of seven or eight children. By 1900 they had only three or four, and today 35% of American ...
Caption: Gas mask exercise, Scott Field, Illinois.1942. , Credit: Library of Congress

Fogs of War: The Many Lives of Chemical Weapons (44:21)
From: Distillations

Chemical weapons have played a chilling role in human history ever since World War I. As accounts of recent uses permeate the news, we decided to find out why chemical ...
Caption: Illustration of a nose., Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Wake up and Smell the Story: Sniffing out Health and Sickness (43:58)
From: Distillations

If you asked people which of their senses they most feared losing, they'd probably say sight or hearing. But what about the ability to smell? We examine what is perhaps our ...