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Recent Pieces from Sean Ashcraft

Caption: 07-(37), Credit: Becker1999

S02 E11 - A Shooting in the Heartland (28:59)
From: The Facing Project

It’s been one year since a gunman opened fire in Dayton’s Oregon District, killing nine people and injuring 27.
Caption: The Statue of Liberty - Tokyo, Japan - Travel photography, Credit: Photo by Giuseppe Milo.

S02 E02 - Dreaming in America (28:59)
From: The Facing Project

The American Dream . . . Fact or fiction? For those who come to the U.S. undocumented as children, the future can seem uncertain.
Caption: Tim Green - Bring Back Our Girls, Credit: Tim Green

S02 E01 - New Beginnings (28:59)
From: The Facing Project

They say girls shouldn’t go to school. And by "they", we mean Boko Haram.
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Fakecast Episode 1 (:59)
From: Sean Ashcraft

A new fakecast.