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Caption: Mark Plotkin, Credit: Courtesy Richie / Amazon Conservation Team

01-17: Shamans and Scientists: Changing the Landscape of Power, 5/22/2024 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

As we hurtle into the Sixth Age of Extinctions, we face the cataclysmic loss of half the world’s biological diversity. 80% of the remaining biodiversity is on Indigenous ...
Caption: Kandi Mossett, Credit: Nikki Richter

240: No More Stolen Sisters: Stopping the Abuse and Murder of Native Women and Girls, 5/15/2024 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

Jessica Alva. Khadija Rose Britton. Hanna Harris. Anthonette Christine Cayedito. If you haven't heard of these women, it’s no surprise. They’re four of the untold number of ...
Caption: Kate Lundquist and Brock Dolman

260: Beaver Believers: How to Restore Planet Water, 5/8/2024 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

In this age of global weirding where climate disruption has tumbled the Goldilocks effect into unruly surges of too much and too little water, the restoration of beavers ...
Caption: Terry Tempest-Williams

10-15: A Love That Is Wild: Why Wilderness Matters in the 21st Century, 5/1/2024 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

Writer, naturalist and activist Terry Tempest Williams asks “Can we love ourselves, each other and the Earth enough to change?” She invokes our deepest humanity to honor and ...
Caption: Laura Flanders

269: Solidarity Economics: Taking It to the Bank to Build Community Wealth , 4/24/2024 (28:30)
From: Bioneers

In this episode on community wealth building, we look at how communities are working to transform their local economies by harnessing the assets that exist in their place. ...