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Caption: Linda Lay, Credit: Paul Brown

Episode 10 (Women’s History Month) (56:58)
From: WFDD

Women have played a major role in the development and history of Appalachian string music and singing. But they haven’t always gotten the credit or public notice they deserve.
Caption: Rose Maddox was a pioneering woman in country music – the only woman in “America’s most colorful hillbilly band”, as The Maddox Brothers & Rose billed themselves.  We hear her story on this week’s Across the Blue Ridge.  , Credit: Fan card, public domain.

Episode 11 (Rose Maddox, country music pioneer) (56:57)
From: WFDD

Once again we highlight women in country, traditional and bluegrass music as Women’s History Month continues. This week we’ll hear a great selection of women pickers and ...