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Caption: Front page of The Buenos Aires Herald when the paper turned 140 on September 15, 2016, Credit: Twitter - @BAHeraldcom

Remembering the Buenos Aires Herald (12:34)
From: Roger McDonough

Earlier this year, a revered newspaper in Argentina closed up shop after more than 140 years of publication. The Buenos Aires Herald was one of a rare (and dwindling) handful ...
Caption: The Washington Times., August 21, 1912.

The Last Thing You See (14:21)
From: Roger McDonough

An exploration of "forensic optography" - the theory advanced by some 19th and early 20th c. detectives that you could obtain an image of a murderer by photographing the ...
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The Legacy of Lamb's Grill Cafe (09:22)
From: Roger McDonough

An audio postcard with reflections on Utah's oldest restaurant - and its role in the history and development of Salt Lake City. After 98 years, Lamb's Grill Cafe closed in ...
Caption: Orson Welles news conference, 1938, Credit: WikiCommons

Panic, Mayhem, Hysteria – War of the Worlds (06:58)
From: Roger McDonough

On October 30th, 1938, American radio audiences - believing that a Martian invasion was underway - went absolutely nuts. Panicked masses fled to the hills, or went ...
Caption: New Yorker magazine founder Harold Ross, who started as a “cub” reporter in SLC., Credit: Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City: Birthplace of The New Yorker magazine and Sherlock Holmes? (26:00)
From: Roger McDonough

You likely know a couple of facts about Salt Lake City, Utah. That it was founded by the Mormon Pioneers. Or maybe that it hosted the Winter Olympics. But there are some ...