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Recent Pieces from Riley Guttman

Caption: RadioActive reporters Antonia Dorn and Kadian Vanloo

Episode 40: We Know A Subconscious Habit Of Yours (Code Switching) (14:57)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

There’s no such thing as a normal you. Do you talk to your boss the same way you talk to your dog? Probably not. This is called code switching.
Caption: RadioActive's spring 2013 workshop. Clockwise from left: Program Producer Jenny Asarnow, Youth Producers Varun Dhananjaya, Riley Guttman and Nolwenn Delisle, KUOW Senior Editor Jim Gates, April show host Ann Kane, Youth Producer Yafiet Bezabih, Program Pr, Credit: Jason Pagano

Episode 38: Introducing The Newest RadioActivians (26:53)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

RadioActive hosts Sarah Rosenthal and Ann Kane bring you stories created by the newest generation of RadioActivians. They reported these stories as part of RadioActive's 2013 ...