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Caption: Sasha Chanoff stands next to a hired armed guard in the safe compound outside Kinshasa.

Off The List (07:49)
From: 90.9 WBUR - Boston's NPR News Station

Sasha Chanoff was in his mid-20s when he faced an urgent decision unlike any he’d encountered before — and more than 100 lives depended on it.
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Human Abnormalities (:32)
From: PRX Remix

Jonathan Mitchell: "There's a fear that our abnormalities make us different than other people, but actually those are the things that make us the same."
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No Barrier (:32)
From: PRX Remix

Lea Thau calls radio the most intimate medium.
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Time Machine Builders (:31)
From: PRX Remix

"A good story is like a time machine. It can make us travel into the minds of people, into worlds that we've never seen."
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How to See Glass (08:08)
From: Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

After 20 years of hunting sea glass, Bill and Helen Carney have collected and cataloged 200,000 pieces. But their obsession takes on new meaning as they encounter the trials ...