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Caption: Skeptic Check: Rational Lampoon, Credit: Seth Shostak

Skeptic Check: Rational Lampoon (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Why a cognitive scientist says that the very idea of individual thinking is a myth: most of our thinking is done in groups. Also, you know much less than you think you do. ...
Caption: For the Birds, Credit: Seth Shostak

For the Birds (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Birds have it going on. Many of these winged dinosaurs delight us with their song and brilliant plumage. Migratory birds travel thousands of miles in a display of endurance ...
Caption: End of Eternity, Credit: Seth Shostak

End of Eternity (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Nothing lasts forever. Even the universe has several possible endings. Will there be a dramatic Big Rip or a Big Chill¬ – also known as the heat death of the universe – in ...
Caption: Skeptic Check: Flat Earth, Credit: Seth Shostak

Skeptic Check: Flat Earth (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Flat Earthers believe that our planet resembles not a slightly squashed grapefruit but a thick pancake. We look at the difference between a truly scientific examination of ...
Caption: Waste Not, Credit: Seth Shostak

Waste Not (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Why create more landfill? Resist the urge to toss those old sneakers or last year’s smart phone. Instead, let global junk entrepreneurs repurpose them as they turn trash to ...