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Caption: Lithium Valley, Credit: Molly Bentley

Lithium Valley (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

The discovery of a massive amount of lithium under the Salton Sea could make the U.S. lithium independent. The metal is key for batteries in electric vehicles and solar ...
Caption: Alien Says What?, Credit: Seth Shostak

Alien Says What? (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

Whales are aliens on Earth; intelligent beings who have skills for complex problem-solving and their own language. Now in what’s being called a breakthrough, scientists have ...
Caption: The Wrong Stuff, Credit: Seth Shostak

The Wrong Stuff (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

By one estimate the average American home has 300,000 objects. Yet our ancient ancestors had no more than what they could carry with them. How did we go from being ...
Caption: Skeptic Check: Hypnosis, Credit: Shannon Rose Geary

Skeptic Check: Hypnosis (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

You are getting sleeeepy and open to suggestion. But is that how hypnotism works? And does it really open up a portal to the unconscious mind? Hypnotism can be an effective ...
Caption: Inside Planets, Credit: Seth Shostak

Inside Planets (54:00)
From: Big Picture Science

With planets and moons, it’s what’s inside that counts. If we want to understand surface features, like volcanoes, or their history, such as how the planet formed or whether ...