Lucia Duncan

Caption: PRX default User image
  • Username: luciaduncan
  • Radio Coordinator, Zumix
  • Role: Station General Manager

Recent Pieces from Lucia Duncan

Caption: Clarice and Zumix youth, Credit: Lucia Duncan

Classical Orchestra Takes on Improvisation (02:45)
From: ZUMIX Radio

Improvisation is not what first comes to mind when you think of classical orchestral music. But that's just what Boston's Landmark Orchestra sought out when it commissioned ...
Caption: Leslie being interviewed by Tyesha

Let's Get Movin' (02:47)
From: ZUMIX Radio

Let's Get Movin' is an innovative fitness program for girls in East Boston. Tyesha Marius talked with participant, Lesly Monroy, about her experience in the program.
Caption: Ethan and his grandfather, Tiny

Tiny's Pizza and Sub (03:17)
From: ZUMIX Radio

Over 50 years ago, Ethan Shepherd's grandfather, William Quinn, opened a restaurant in an industrialized East Boston: Tiny's Pizza and Sub. Ethan brings this history to life ...
Piece image

A&L Bakery (04:57)
From: ZUMIX Radio

A & L is one of the last Italian bakeries in East Boston. In this story, you'll learn about the bakery, its owner, and how having your own business isn't as easy at it seems. ...