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Captivating story and sound

A fanciful and fantastic story delivered with a truly memorable score. A great example of how radio drama can combine voice, sound, and music to create an experience unlike any other

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Add WMPG to that list!!

As the host of a radio drama show, trust me, I have heard a LOT of Sherlock Holmes adaptation. And this is the very best.

The difference is that Quicksilver is very serious about interpreting each work they do fresh without being weighed down by the baggage of previous attempts, and this delivers the best of the best in this quintessential Holmes tale.

The characters are spot-on, effects are superb, the music amplifies the story, and by the end of it you'll marvel not only by how well they pulled this off, but that they did it all live!

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Comment for "Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye To Kerouac (EDITED language version w/ ID break)"

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Review of Jack's Last Call: Say Goodbye To Kerouac (EDITED language version w/ ID break)

A great example of true audio *theater*, this production combines strong writing, great acting and original music in a raw portrayal of a Kerouac we'd rather not believe existed. As someone who read "On the Road" and bought into the Kerouac mythology in my teenage years, it's a great tribute and a celebration, even in its darkness.

I'm admittedly a radio drama junkie, and I love the on-location recording and crisp effects as much as the story. But even if the idea of an audio dramatization is odd to you, you'll find much to love out of this offbeat honorific. Just be prepared to reaffirm the merits of your mainstream life than to be inspired to ditch it all for a wild ride on the road by the end of it all.

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Review of Good Friday, 1865: LINCOLN'S LAST DAY

A great portrait of a much mythologized President, with wonderful historical tidbits without being proselytizing or overtly educational -- just masterfully done drama. As with all Quicksilver works, it features stellar acting, astonishing production values and a tight script. Highly recommended.

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