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Review of Sly Crooner Episode #5 "A Valentine For Cosmo"

I love this original, entertaining, swingin' show. Geoffrey Tozer puts the class and fun back into jazz.

Remember those great old album covers with a beautiful, seductive woman on the cover enticing you into her world? Somehow, if you just gave a listen, you'd be hipper, happier and, if you were a guy, get that fabulous woman on the cover and, if you were a gal, become that woman on the cover. In short, you'd be swanky!

Geoffrey brings this feeling back with each episode. And frankly, can there be too much swank in our lives? I think not. Excuse me while I freshen my martini . . . **

Judy Carmichael
Jazz Pianist and Host/Producer of "Jazz Inspired"

**Reviewed while wearing a little black dress and very high heels.