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Recent Pieces from Nina Tran

Caption: RadioActive's Nina Tran went on a bicycle tour of her south Beacon Hill neighborhood. Listen to the podcast to hear what she found., Credit: KUOW PHOTO / NINA TRAN

Won't You Be My Neighbor? An Audio Portrait of Seattle's Neighborhoods (19:21)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

Neighborhoods shape our perspectives and our personalities. They become a part of us, an identity we carry even if we leave. On the latest RadioActive podcast, our youth ...
Caption: RadioActive's Yafiet Bezabih and Seattle mayoral candidate Ed Murray., Credit:  Courtesy of Real Change News/Wes Sauer

Episode 42: RadioActive Coverage Of Election 2013 (16:51)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

In this month’s RadioActive podcast, hosts Isaac Noren and Nina Tran narrowly avert a beverage-related shutdown of podcast production. Plus, RadioActive youth reporters bring ...
Caption: Cayden Harmon, age 15, in his bedroom, Credit: Nina Tran

What Are Little Boys Made Of? (14:06)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

Cayden Harmon grew up like most little boys. He always dreamed of growing a moustache. But, ever since he could remember, Cayden also always knew he was born in the wrong ...
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Paris, Kim, and Ashton, oh my! (08:58)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

Today's show is celebrity themed, hosted by Halle Bills and Nina Tran. On a quest to figure out why the celebrity life style is so appealing, Nina and Halle read tabloids, ...
Caption: Wally Pets in Wallingford, Credit: Margaret Steck

Memory Lane (14:22)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

Hosts Halle Bills and Nina Tran look back on their time at KUOW during the last show of the summer. You’ll hear a story from Caitlin Gaylord about Wally Pet Store owner Paul ...
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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This (11:46)
From: KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

A dream detective, a sleep specialist from the University of Washington Medical Center, and an enthusiastic lucid dreamer. Could we have fit any more into this podcast? Halle ...